The Power Asks Us to Consider #WeToo: A Review

Naomi Alderman’s provocative new book, The Power, is more simply described without the definite article.  Power, and how it infuses human relationships, particularly gender relationships, hums though this book like an electric current.  And just like that current, it can turn fearsome and deadly in an instant. The Power is an acknowledged heir to Margaret […]

Love Stinks (But it Also Wins): A Delayed Review of Rob Bell

The problem with love is it’s easy to sentimentalize.  O heck, there are many problems with love, sentimentalizing being the least of them.  Love distorts our vision.  Love lets us down.  Love keeps us in relationships we should have left.  Love is a knife to the heart and a passionate madness.  Yes, love is a […]

Beloved Numbskulls – Athanasius on Saving Face

‘Here, belovéd numbskulls, is a little picture: You gather, one presumes, what must be done when a portrait on a panel becomes obscured—maybe even lost—to external stain. The artist does not discard the panel, though the subject must return to sit for it again, whereupon the likeness is etched once more upon the same material.  […]

Crossing into Mythical Mexico with Cormac McCarthy: A Review of The Crossing

Cormac McCarthy doesn’t need any more accolades from the likes of me.  His reputation as a great American writer seems pretty secure.  But as a recent convert to the ranks of his fans, I have to say of The Crossing – wow. That’s probably sufficient.  I’m not going to be an equal to his prose […]