Squinting Through This Latent, Bleak Obscurity with Scott Cairns

“Just now, we squint to see the Image through this latent, bleak obscurity.  One day, we’ll see the Image— as Himself—gleaming from each face. Just now, I puzzle through a range of incoherencies; but on that day, the scattered fragments will cohere.” If you don’t recognize 1 Corinthians 13 in this translation, perhaps that good.  […]

Beloved Numbskulls – Athanasius on Saving Face

‘Here, belovéd numbskulls, is a little picture: You gather, one presumes, what must be done when a portrait on a panel becomes obscured—maybe even lost—to external stain. The artist does not discard the panel, though the subject must return to sit for it again, whereupon the likeness is etched once more upon the same material.  […]