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  • Putting Colossians in the Mix

    Putting Colossians in the Mix

    Reading Colossians Remixed:Subverting the Empire by Brian J. Walsh and Sylvia C. Keesmaat, published in 2004, is a reminder of a time when postmodernity was in its ascendency. It’s not clear where we live now, but less than two decades later you feel that we are somewhere very different than the environment Walsh and Keesmaat…

  • Finding All Things in Christ: The Belated Review of Colossians

    Finding All Things in Christ: The Belated Review of Colossians

    He’s never been known for his crystal clarity, but Paul, (often called the Apostle Paul), has a way of captivating you with the propulsive thunder of his rhetoric. Sure, there are elements of his writing that make a 21st century Christian cringe, (behavioral guides for slaves?!), but there’s also a cosmic vision of Christ as…

  • Colossians: A Translation

    Colossians: A Translation

    A translation by Alex Joyner From: Paul, by God’s will an apostle of Jesus Christ, and Brother Timothy To: The holy and faithful in Colossae, brothers and sisters all Grace. Peace to you from God the Father. We give thanks to God, Father also of our Lord Jesus Christ, as we pray always on your…