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  • How to Be Here (and Not There)

    “It is strange to be here,” John O’Donohue says in the opening line of his book, Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom.  For O’Donohue, that meant attending to the mystery of the particular human life and acknowledging that each of is “the one and only threshold of an inner world.” It is strange to be […]

  • Going Underground on the Eastern Shore – the new Harriet Tubman park

    Going Underground on the Eastern Shore – the new Harriet Tubman park

    One of the dynamics that happens in marginalized places, (and I’ll count the Eastern Shore, where I live, as one of those), is that the people who live in them can internalize that marginalization and begin to believe that nothing significant ever happens there.  Or we latch on to narrow stereotypes of what the region […]

  • Rural is Plural

    This article originally appeared in the great Topology magazine.   We were in danger of becoming a caricature.  When a parent stood up at a local school board meeting and expressed her dismay at a word being used in two books in the school library, blogposts and news stories from New York to Singapore decried the benighted […]

  • What a Charismatic Preacher Can’t Do

    Put together a charismatic preacher, a warm environment where people care about each other, and a lively music team and it’s still possible to have a viable small church ministry in the heartland.  People looking for an experience of church appreciate those things and they certainly rate high on my list of desirable qualities.  Two problems, […]