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  • Poetry: The Preacher’s Thumb on Ash Wednesday

    Poetry: The Preacher’s Thumb on Ash Wednesday

    My trembling finger once marked a woman in a year I knew would end the ritual  of her annual ash. ‘Remember you are dust…” I faltered on the rest. Do doctors feel so transgressive when they are forced to break  the polite illusion of immortality? We all know it’s not true. Death haunts our every […]

  • The Last Sunset: Poetry

    The Last Sunset: Poetry

    I didn’t really believe it was my last as I watched a sky so orange as to subdue the harshest skeptic of sundown magic. But I wondered. How many people in mortal peril see such sights as they slip away? Polar explorers perishing under pulsating green northern lights? Mountaineers admiring the blue tint of the […]