“A World Intense & Strange”: Carson McCullers Week

Hanging out with Carson McCullers

Sunday, Feb. 19, 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of my new favorite writer — Carson McCullers.  My relationship with her began with an audio book of The Heart is a Lonely Hunter and quickly followed with lapping up all of her novels.  I’ll share some thoughts through the week on her basic themes, much of them related to longing for home and the nature of love, mostly set within the frame of her Columbus, Georgia childhood home.  I set out some early thoughts in this piece for the Streetlight magazine blog.

5 responses to ““A World Intense & Strange”: Carson McCullers Week”

  1. […] I’ve chronicled my fascination with McCullers through this Heartlands site and in other places, like StreetLight. The mid-20th century author is mostly known for her master work, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, as well her later pieces like The Member of the Wedding and Ballad of Sad Cafe. Each of those books records the desperate longings for love and connection among characters who all feel like outsiders, set in the Deep South landscape of McCullers’ youth. […]


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