Cemetery of Beloved Memory: Meeting Paul Escamilla at General Conference

Photo by Rubén Bagüés on Unsplash

I once heard Paul Escamilla give a sermon

in which he talked about a family cemetery in the Southwest borderlands.

It was so rich that I felt I was walking the grounds with him,

lingering over memories and sensing a deeper Spirit,

one that binds us together across boundaries of time and space.

Yesterday I met Paul in the hallway off the concourse,

heavy with the weight of decisions and divides.

I hadn’t known I needed to see him.

We talked about teaching and the possibilities of doing something new.

I hadn’t known I needed to talk with him.

But we met

and the warmth of that cemetery of beloved memory came rushing back

along with just a hint of Spirit

blowing across the wide-open plains.

2 responses to “Cemetery of Beloved Memory: Meeting Paul Escamilla at General Conference”

  1. Paul’s wise and gentle presence has certain been holy for me.

    I do not know how it would look, but I have faith we can still make UMCs open and welcoming and affirming for all. If will take creativity and intention and a lot of work. And may be first a little space to breathe. Come, Holy Spirit.


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