#6–Elmet: Heartlands Best Reads of 2019

6827C051-3C13-404B-9E8F-FB01E3F1CD38_4_5005_cWe’re halfway through the best reads of the year. We’ve had poetry, history, and an African adventure tale. How about a mythic journey into the Yorkshire woods? Fiona Mozley’s debut novel, Elmet, is the story of a wild man, his vulnerable son, and his ferocious daughter. It is also one of the best pure stories I read this year. It’s haunting in a way that will stay with you.

As I noted in my review (which you can read by clicking on the title above):

The writing is luminous and the tale-telling hints at layers of meaning always at hand. It’s the kind of book you pick up expecting to read a chapter and find yourself still reading 100 pages later. If you go into these woods at night, you’re in for a good surprise.

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