Difficult Like Carson: Meditative Poetry for McCullers Day

Carson McCullers

In honor of Carson McCullers’ birthday:

I could be difficult

like Carson McCullers.

I could drink too much

have wild fantasies about what the next exciting trip

would be

believe that I deserved to be loved and doted on

love inordinately but badly

treat those around me with indifference

All because of genius—charge it to that tab.

Or I could love the beauty of her world

could live within it

and appreciate the wounds which birthed it.

I want to bless the longings of Carson McCullers

to form a life that stays close to them

to offer them up as a sacrifice

wholly acceptable to the God

who waits at the end of desperate desire.

She is worthy of all the difficult people

who seek Her.

–Alex Joyner

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