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  • The Silence of No-One’s Land

    The Silence of No-One’s Land

    I’m back up on the great StreetLight Magazine blog with a new meditation on silence–the way it can wallop you and open you up to something immense. Check it out here:

  • Little Cups

    Alex has a new memoir essay up on the great StreetLight magazine website:

  • Whole City Podcast with Elizabeth Catte

    Whole City Podcast with Elizabeth Catte

    Alex Joyner, editor of Heartlands, has a new podcast, The Whole City. You can find the initial episode on the Charlottesville Podcasting Network and on YouTube. In this episode, Alex talks with Elizabeth Catte, author of Pure America: Eugenics and the Making of Modern Virginia, about the history and future of Market St. Park in…

  • Colossians: A Translation

    Colossians: A Translation

    A translation by Alex Joyner From: Paul, by God’s will an apostle of Jesus Christ, and Brother Timothy To: The holy and faithful in Colossae, brothers and sisters all Grace. Peace to you from God the Father. We give thanks to God, Father also of our Lord Jesus Christ, as we pray always on your…

  • Australia (and Nuance) Burning

    Australia (and Nuance) Burning

    Recently I had the opportunity to write a story about the Australian brushfires for the great FaithLink resource. The main essay from that curriculum is now up on Ministry Matters. Come for the spectacle of the fire. Stay for the musings about how we’ve killed nuance and the opportunity to really see what we’re seeing. Click here.

  • Via Dolorosa of the Confederacy

    Via Dolorosa of the Confederacy

    My piece on visiting Appomattox Court House is up on the blog of StreetLight Magazine. Click here.

  • In Memoriam: Bess Sheldon

    On November 8, 2019 we celebrated the life of Commander Bess Bryant Sheldon, most everybody’s Aunt Bess. These were my remarks at the service: So let me start by acknowledging that you don’t get to be a pastor to your own family. People know you too well. You might get called upon to do the…

  • In Memoriam: Walking Liberty for Pete Joyner

    In Memoriam: Walking Liberty for Pete Joyner

    On December 14, 2019, a memorial service was held for my father, Ulysses Percy “Pete” Joyner, Jr., at Trinity United Methodist Church in Orange, Virginia. I shared this witness to his remarkable life. The last time my father remembered seeing his father was on an evening in May 1940. The family was reeling from the…

  • Hooligans and Lunatics on Streetlight

    Hooligans and Lunatics on Streetlight

    My little meditation on the moon is up on the blog of the great Streetlight magazine today. Many thanks to Trudy Hale and the gang for offering the space for such musings.

  • Because You Are More Powerful Than We Imagine – A Final Prayer Before General Conference 2019

    Because You Are More Powerful Than We Imagine – A Final Prayer Before General Conference 2019

    Because you are more powerful than we imagine in our Pelagian fantasies, Because you are always more ready to dance than we are to follow your lead, Because you choose contingency over certainty and the added gifts of incarnation, intimacy, and the open door, Because you will still be watching when we turn our heads…