A Prayer for a Way Forward by Bishop Sharma Lewis


This week the Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church will be taking the lead in a denomination-wide week of prayer for A Way Forward.  I’ll be sharing some of the conference prayer resources for the week, some of which came out of my Thousand Prayers for Unity Project.  As the commission helps us deal honestly with our divides over human sexuality and the desire to go forward together as a church that finds a God greater than our divisions and inclusive of all people, let us pray.

Prayer for April 2 by Bishop Sharma D. Lewis

Eternal God, you promised in your Word, “…do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God…”

O God, I release my worries and concerns about the future of our denomination.

O God, I choose the discipline of prayer to seek your direction in all matters of life.

O God, I intercede on behalf of the 32 members on the Commission on a Way Forward.  Grant them peace and clarity in their moments of study, dialogue and reflection.

O God, I thank you for each member that was chosen for their love, commitment, gifts and graces they bring to The United Methodist Church.

O God, grant them wisdom, and guidance as they seek your face about the future of our denomination.

Lord in your mercy. Hear my prayer.


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