Heartlands Resources for the United Methodist General Conference 2019


If seems like we’ve been writing about the Called General Conference in St. Louis for years, it’s because we have. Below is a collection of links to material that has appeared on Heartlands since its inception in January 2017:

Essays & Book Reviews:

What if We Can’t ‘Get Past’ Sex?: A Review of Entangled – a history of the debates over sexuality in the United Methodist Church

What’s It Going to Take to Fix & Free the UMC – a review of a Together, a centrist view

How an Old United Ad Gives Me Hope for the Church – for Feb. 27

The UMC & The Which Way Tree – an image of post-GC freedom

Considering Our Hearts (& the Future of the UMC):A Review of The Anatomy of Peace – an influential book in the work of the Commission on a Way Forward

Can We Talk About Sexuality? – a plug for my co-authored book Living Faithfully: Human Sexuality & The United Methodist Church

The Last Thing I Want to Talk About – Bishop Oliveto & the UMC

Poetry & Prayers:

In the Dreamtime That Was Portland – Poetry Before General Conference

For a Way Beyond Our Walls

A Prayer for a Way Forward by Bishop Sharma D. Lewis

Can We See a Little Less Clearly, Lord?

Your Giddy Desire

Unity Not Excepted

For a Fire in Winter

We Dream a Frame


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