Can we see a little less clearly, Lord? – Prayers for a Way Forward

unsplash, Andrew Neel


WITH my glasses off

the thing I think I know

becomes indistinct and fresh.

A deer’s tail becomes a great white feather.

A distant tree, a man by the roadside hailing me.

When I run without my lenses

the world slips out of bounds

and newness emerges

like angels in our midst.

Since we are surrounded, cloud-like, by such witnesses,

can we see a little less clearly, Lord?

Can we lay aside our sharpened judgments

for some new appraisal of the scene?

And could the thing we think we know and want

emerge as something unimagined

but vivid clear to fuzzy sight?

–Alex Joyner

2 responses to “Can we see a little less clearly, Lord? – Prayers for a Way Forward”

  1. Thank you, Sara! I love Flint Hill and I love the United Methodist Church. The place of my beginning on my Christian journey. Believe it or not, this very morning I was sharing with my husband my remembrance of our Sunday School. I well recall each class and all my teachers. Thanks to my mother, we were in Sunday school every Sunday. Praise God for loving, caring Christian parents. May God bless your ministry and the people of your church. Ann Brady Jones


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