#8–These Truths: Heartlands Best Reads of 2019

A6FADFAC-E3F6-4C90-9109-971229C8478D_4_5005_cJill LePore’s These Truths: A History of the United States came out in 2018 but I got to it this year and was glad I did. The audacity of a one-volume history covering a 500+ year arc of the American story, especially when that story has become so contested and fragmented, was a thing to behold. And LePore did it with good sense, urgency, and eyes open to the pitfalls. I’d recommend this book to anyone, along with her very brief follow-up volume which we reviewed as well, This America: The Case for the Nation.

These Truths made it to #8 on our Best Reads list for 2019. You can read the review by clicking on the title.

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